Concierge services


☑️ Event Organization Services:
– Concerts
– Creative evenings
– Art Exhibitions
– Weddings and Ceremonies
– Business presentations


☑️ Home Maintenance and Domestic Help Services:
– Minor home repair tasks
– Masonry work, tiling, painting
– Furniture assembly
– Garbage disposal and relocation services
– Domestic help – apartment and office cleaning, shopping assistance, laundry, garden maintenance
– Recruitment of drivers, porters, and nannies


☑️ Language and Legal Assistance Services:
– Russian-speaking translators
– Assistance in document renewal and certification (e.g., apostilles)
– Driver’s license renewal or exchange services
– Contract preparation
– Legal counseling


☑️ French Riviera Property management:
– tenant search
– candidate screening
– paperwork processing

Relax and profit from your valuable asset.


☑️ Additional Services:
– Services are available with competitive tariffs starting from 12 euros per hour for cleaning, nanny services, and personal care assistance.
– Painting services are available at 30 euros per square meter.
– Furniture assembly, home improvement tasks, and domestic help start from 36 euros per hour.

At Rostinfrance, we strive to ensure our clients enjoy a stress-free and exquisite lifestyle at the French Riviera.


Rostinfrance Concierge Services: an expansive suite of services


At Rostinfrance, our concierge service is comprehensive, offering an array of services to meet the various needs of our clients on the French Riviera.


Event organization services


We take pride in our proficient assistance in organizing concerts, creative evenings, exhibitions, weddings, ceremonies, and presentations, assuring that each occasion is a spectacle to remember on the picturesque French Riviera.


Home maintenance and domestic help services


Our service also extends to recruiting personnel for minor home repair tasks for individual clients including but not limited to masonry work related to tiling, painting, furniture assembly, garbage disposal, and relocation services.


Moreover, we also provide domestic help that covers apartment and office cleaning, shopping assistance, nanny services, laundry, garden maintenance, and also recruitment of drivers and porters.


Our competitive tariff starts at 12 euros/hour for cleaning, nanny and personal care services. Our painting services, on the other hand, are priced at 30 euros per square meter, while the rate for furniture assembly, home improvement tasks, and household help starts at 36 euros per hour.


Language and legal assistance services


Moreover, we have Russian-speaking translators, licensed in France, on board, to assist with translating duties and other documentation related services. These include assistance in document renewal and certification such as apostilles, helping with driver’s license renewal or exchange, contract preparation, and legal counseling.


Our ultimate goal at Rostinfrance is to serve in ways that simplify life for our clients while they enjoy the exquisite lifestyle at the French Riviera.


  • Event Organization Services
  • Home Maintenance and Domestic Help
  • Language and Legal Assistance
  • Additional Services
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Goals of our concierge service on the French Riviera


Rostinfrance is led by Zhanna Korsak, who serves as the main point of contact for our clients. All requests are being handled with a high level of professionalism and attentive service.


Our operations span various requests from booking tables at prestigious restaurants, emergency tailoring, chartering private jets, to services encompassing the entirety of your travels, like arranging for regular replenishment and maintenance of fresh floral arrangements in a hotel room or organizing daily fitness instructor sessions.


Our ultimate goal is to elevate our client’s satisfaction to euphoria levels by providing them with the best experience and unforgettable moments.


Rostinfrance services on the French Riviera


The French Riviera—with its suntanned beaches and captivating landscapes—is a hub of luxury and elegance. The region boasts luxury hotels, gastronomic delights, famous museums, and fashion houses, amplifying the French ‘savoir-vivre’.


Whether our clients dream of a last-minute booking at the legendary Negresco Hotel in Nice, a luxurious dinner in La Chevre d’Or with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, or top-tier personal shopping, we pay attention to every detail to meet all requests and desires. We strive to make each visit to the Riviera unforgettable. That’s Rostinfrance’s promise: imagine the best French macarons delivered to your doorstep, exclusively prepared per your taste and aroma preferences.