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Value lies in quality, not quantity: exclusivity is our specialty

Jeanne Korsak — CEO “Rostinfrance”


Our Premium Services

What we can do for you and your company?


01. Concierge Services

Concierge service and personal assistant services on the French Riviera.


02. Procurement Services

Want to completely deck out your home and save some serious cash? Well, do we have an offer for you!


03. Shopper Services

Personal and family shopper for purchasing and shipping goods from France and Italy.

Rostinfrance Concierge Services specializes in providing a wide array of high-end services on the French Riviera. With expertise ranging from event organization to home maintenance, domestic help, and legal assistance, we’re committed to simplifying your life and enhancing your lifestyle. Enjoy seamless service delivery with our dedicated team of professionals always ready to meet your needs.


Rostinfrance Premium Services

What we offer

👉  Concierge Services


✔ Home Assistance: We provide essential home services including cleaning, repairs, gardening, and car maintenance. We also offer support for guest check-in and arrival, nanny services, tutoring, hairstylist services, and cosmetology.

✔ Legal Services: We assist Russian speakers in France with translator services, document processing, driver’s license renewal, contract preparation, legal consultation, insurance, accounting, and lawyer services.

✔ Event Planning Services: Leave the organization of your events to us, from concerts to weddings, ensuring flawless execution and unforgettable experiences.

✔ Staff Hiring Services: We connect you with reliable professionals for tasks such as repairs, cleaning, childcare, and more.

✔ Hospitality Services: We offer hotel bookings, airport transfers, personal shopping, and intermediary services to enhance your stay on the French Riviera.

✔ Property Management Services: Ensure your property on the French Riviera yields maximum returns with minimal effort.

  • Home Assistance
  • Legal Services
  • Event Planning
  • Staff Hiring
  • Hospitality Services
  • Property Management Services

👉 Procurement Services


✔ Procurement: Simplify your international purchases with our specialized procurement services. As an experienced purchasing agent, we can handle the sourcing of goods from Southeast Asian countries, ensuring quality control on-site, precise weight and quantity management, cargo insurance, and efficient delivery to your doorstep. Our expertise also extends to equipment and material installation, construction orders tailored to your preferences, and a qualified construction team to bring your projects to life.

✔ Product and Partner Sourcing: Our scope includes meticulous quality and quantity control of purchased goods on-site, expert assistance in organizing delivery and logistics, and the services of an international purchasing agent. Rest assured that we will handle the purchasing and safe delivery of goods to your home or legal address, guaranteeing cargo safety and secure transactions.

  • Procurement in South-East Asia
  • Product and Partner Sourcing

👉 Shopper Services


✔ Personal and Family Shopping: We source and deliver goods from France and Italy, tailored to your preferences and needs.

✔ Professional Personal Shopping: We offer a worldwide service to purchase and ship European goods, meeting personal and commercial requirements.

✔ One-Time and Subscription-Based Services: Choose from our range of domestic services and direct purchases with worldwide shipping, available as one-time or subscription options.

✔ Custom Purchasing and Shipping: We specialize in procuring and delivering authentic European goods to your desired destination. Trust us for precise and reliable service.

  • Personal and Family Shopping
  • Professional Personal Shopping
  • One-Time and Subscription-Based Services
  • Custom Purchasing and Shipping